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A-letter beginning plants


22 May 2018
Quince, whose Latin name is 'Cydonia oblonga', is from the rose family. It grows in sandy-loamy, warm and permeable soils. It is thought to have passed through Anatolia in 650 BC to Greece and Europe. It is grown in almost every country except Australia. Turkey ranks first in the world in quince production.

'Agropyron repens

18 May 2018
Clovegrass, whose Latin name is 'Agropyron repens', is from the grass family. Its homeland is Northern hemisphere and Anatolia. It grows wild in empty fields and roadsides. It is a perennial herb with green, long, thin and flat leaves. The flowers are gathered in the upper part of the stem in the form of a spike. Its fruit is long and yellowish in color.

Its yellowish white roots are collected and dried in spring and autumn.

Calendula officinalis'.

18 May 2018
Its Latin name is 'Calendula officinalis'. Due to the fact that the plant blooms again after the seed-fixing flowers are properly plucked, this plant is named Calendula, which means the first day of the month in Latin. It is also known as the Orange Daffodil because of its orange colored flowers. However, it has no affinity with the Narcissus plant. It is from the daisy family. It is an annual, herbaceous plant that grows in almost every geography where temperate climate prevails.

Avocado leaf

18 May 2018
Avocado, whose Latin name is 'Persea americana', is from the laurel family. It is also known as Alligator pear and Lawyer pear. Its homeland is Mexico. Avocado, which is compatible with tropical and subtropical climates, can also be grown in regions with Mediterranean climate, provided that the weather is not too cold. In the early 1970s, avocado seedlings were brought to Turkey for trial purposes from the United States. Since then, it has been successfully cultivated in our country. Avocado has gained an important place in terms of economy in the Eastern Black Sea Region, where frost is low, such as the Mediterranean Region and Rize.

horsetail plant

18 May 2018
The horsetail plant, whose Latin name is 'Equisetum Arvense', is from the horsetail family. Its homeland is Australia. It is resistant to harsh and cold weather conditions. It likes watersides, wet meadows, forest clearings, and loamy soil. It is a perennial herbaceous plant that does not shed its leaves in winter.


18 May 2018
alchemilla is the common name of plant species belonging to the genus Alchemilla from the Rosaceae family. It is also known as Şebnemli and Aslanayak. In Turkey, especially two species of this genus (Alchemilla arvensis and Alchemilla vulgaris) grow widely in North, South and West Anatolia. More than 1000 different species have been found in Africa, North America, Europe and parts of Asia. This plant grows mostly in mountainous regions and moist meadows.


18 May 2018
Anise, whose Latin name is "Pimpinella anisum", is from the parsley family. Its homeland is the Eastern Mediterranean. It is a plant native to Egypt, Greece, Crete, and parts of Asia. It grows in Aegean, Marmara, and Southern Anatolia in Turkey. The stem of this annual herbaceous plant is erect, cylindrical, hollow, and hairy. The flowers are white, in umbrella-shaped clusters. Its fruits are small, pear-shaped, greenish-yellow in color, and hairy on top. The use of anise, which dates back to 4000 years ago, first started in Ancient Egypt. As soon as the essence of anise fruit was discovered, it became an indispensable part of perfume production. It is more than any herb with its distinctive, lasting, and beautiful scent. Anise has proven its worth by using it for centuries to give a different taste to alcoholic beverages, meals, and meat and to make soaps and perfumes.

Helichrysum Arenarium'

18 May 2018
Golden grass, whose Latin name is 'Helichrysum Arenarium', got this name because of its golden yellow color. It is also known by different names among the people: Golden flower, Immortal Flower, Sunflower, Bee Flower... Its homeland is Europe. It grows in Eastern Anatolia in our country. There are 17 different types. Golden Grass is a perennial herbaceous plant that mostly likes rocky areas.

It blooms with beautiful tiny yellow flowers.


18 May 2018
Hawthorn, whose Latin name is 'Crataegus monogyna', is a thorny tree that grows in forest areas, bushes or on steep slopes facing the stream. Although it is from the Rosaceae family, the tiny pink-white flower of Hawthorn is not like a rose. It is a very common plant both in Europe and Anatolia. There are 20 species grown only in Turkey.

It is also known as Beyazdiken, Edran, Gevis, Sour Medlar, Yemişen.

Rhamnus Cathartica

16 February 2018
Akdiken, whose Latin name is "Rhamnus Cathartica", got its name from the flowers and thorns that it opens in spring. It is from the Cehrigiller family. There are 150 kinds of species. Its homeland is Southern Europe and Anatolia. It is grown as an ornamental plant in parks and gardens as well as growing wild in the mountainous areas of the North Anatolian region. In our country, it is widely grown in Bolu and Trabzon.


15 February 2018
Sage, whose Latin name is 'Salvia Officinalis', is from the family of honeybabagiller. Its homeland is the Mediterranean and Aegean. It grows widely in natural conditions in almost every region of our country. It is also known as 'Bitter Apple Grass' and 'Dishotu' in some regions. It is a perennial shrub-like plant with purple, blue, pink or lilac colored flowers, famous for the aromatic scent of its grayish green leaves.
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