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Hawthorn, whose Latin name is 'Crataegus monogyna', is a thorny tree that grows in forest areas, bushes, or on steep slopes facing the stream. Although it is from the Rosaceae family, the tiny pink-white flower of Hawthorn is not like a rose. It is a very common plant both in Europe and Anatolia. There are 20 species grown only in Turkey.

It is also known as Beyazdiken, Edran, Gevis, Sour Medlar, Yemişen. It presents an eye-catching sight with its color range ranging from white to red from spring to autumn. Therefore, it is a perennial plant that is often preferred to decorate parks and gardens.

Since ancient times, both the fruit and leaves of the Hawthorn tree have been widely used by various cultures and peoples. Hawthorn tea is among the herbal teas traditionally used in Germany, Austria and the European continent.

Hawthorn, whose fruits ripen in autumn have a pleasant sour taste, is a fruit that has achieved an important place in many cultures. Hawthorn fruits, which decorate the marketplaces on a string, are one of the favorite fruits of some children.

From the hawthorn plant; Hawthorn tea, hawthorn oil, hawthorn vinegar, tincture, syrup and cream are produced.
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