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L-letter beginning plants


24 May 2018
Lavender is known by the name "Lavandula", which derives from the Latin word "lavare" meaning to wash. It is from the Ballıbabagiller family. It is a semi-shrub perennial herb that blooms with strikingly beautiful and harmonious flowers in June and July. The homeland of lavender is Mediterranean countries. It grows abundantly in natural conditions on the coasts of all Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Aegean Sea.

Lavender is more than just an ornamental plant. It is a symbol of beauty, grace, and pleasantness with its wonderful scent. It is a great seasoning for obtaining rich flavors in meals and salads with its distinctive aroma and delicious smell. It has a clean and refreshing taste as it gives freshness to the breath. Those who do not know the lavender plant closely may think that this delicious scent is only in its flowers. However, the leaves and petioles of lavender have the same wonderful scent.

Rumeoc Patienta

24 May 2018
Labada, whose Latin name is 'Rumeoc Patienta', is from the buckwheat family. Its homeland is the Mediterranean. It grows easily almost everywhere in our country. It likes mostly mountainous, wooded, meadow, and wet places. Between June and September, large veins open leaves. It is a herbaceous annual plant that grows on a single stem and blooms as red scales in mid-summer.
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