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R-letter beginning plants


24 May 2018
Fennel, whose Latin name is 'Foeniculum vulgare', is from the parsley family. Its homeland is the Mediterranean and the Near East. It grows naturally in almost every region of our country. From autumn to mid-summer, fennel leaves are stalked and hairless. It likes more rocky and arid places. It is a biennial herbaceous plant with a pungent smell, usually up to one meter tall.

Fennel, which resembles anise with its sharp aroma, is much more than an ordinary plant family.


24 May 2018
Reyhan, whose Latin name is 'Ocimum basilicum', is from the family of ballibabagiller. It grows in coastal areas. Its homeland is India. 2500 years ago, people spread this plant to the Middle East and the Mediterranean for medicinal purposes. Like many honeybee species, Reyhan completes its life when it blooms in its first year. The basil plant can also be perennial in suitable climates.

In some species, the leaves are purple and marbling. It is a plant famous for its scent. In many countries, the word basil means 'fragrant'. It freely exhibits its scent in salads, almost all kinds of meat dishes, soups, omelets, and tomato dishes.
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