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Rhamnus Cathartica

Rhamnus Cathartica

Akdiken, whose Latin name is "Rhamnus Cathartica", got its name from the flowers and thorns that it opens in spring. It is from the Cehrigiller family. There are 150 kinds of species. Its homeland is Southern Europe and Anatolia. It is grown as an ornamental plant in parks and gardens as well as growing wild in the mountainous areas of the North Anatolian region. In our country, it is widely grown in Bolu and Trabzon.

The fruit of Akdiken, which loves the edges of forest areas and moist places, does not have an attractive taste as its appearance. It is sour and bitter.

From the buckthorn plant; buckthorn tea, buckthorn syrup, and buckthorn tincture are produced. It is also used in paint production. Other names; Buckthorn, buckthorn, buckthorn, buckthorn, buckthorn, deer thorn and white thorn. The fruit may be dark burgundy, purple and close to black. The leaves are oppositely egg-shaped or heart-shaped with notched edges. The flowers emerge from the leaf margin and are gathered together like bunches.

The fruits collected in September-October can be used both dried and fresh.

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