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Quince, whose Latin name is 'Cydonia oblonga', is from the rose family. It grows in sandy-loamy, warm and permeable soils. It is thought to have passed through Anatolia in 650 BC to Greece and Europe. It is grown in almost every country except Australia. Turkey ranks first in the world in quince production.

Quince is more than just a normal fruit. This fruit, which grows in cold climates, is yellow in color, nice-looking, fragrant, and heavy. Their shells and flesh are hard. When eaten, it leaves a sour taste in the mouth. When cooked, it is more delicious and fragrant than when eaten raw. Due to the high pectin it contains, it is used in making jams, jellies, and confectionery.

From the quince leaf plant; Quince leaf tea, quince leaf syrup, and cream are produced.

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