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F-letter beginning plants

Herba Ericae

24 May 2018
The heather leaf, whose Latin name is 'Herba Ericae', is from the heather family. Its homeland is South Africa. There are more than 600 species. It grows in other parts of Africa, Mediterranean countries, and Europe. It is common in Thrace and North Anatolia in our country. It is an evergreen perennial herb. It has miniature leaves that resemble needles.


24 May 2018
Basil, whose Latin name is 'Ocimum basilicium', is an annual herbaceous plant from the honeydew family. There are 50 different types. The homeland of this plant, which generally prefers temperate regions, is India. Today, it is widely grown in all the countries on the Mediterranean coast and in the Southern Anatolian region of our country.

The popularity of basil, which can be used both fresh and dried, comes from its unique scent.
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