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G-letter beginning plants

Goji Berries

24 May 2018
Goji Berry, which is known as goji berry or wolfberry but not known in our country, is a very important fruit. It grows in the Himalayas, the highest mountains in the world, in Tibet and Mongolia. Goji Berry is one of the fruits with the highest nutritional value in the world. This fruit, which is a very strong antioxidant, has been used in medicine in China for 2000 years.


24 May 2018
Ginkgo biloba derives from the Chinese words meaning silver and apricot. As the name suggests, its homeland is Japan, China, and Korea. It is grown in many regions in our country, primarily in Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara, and Trabzon. Its light green leaves are fan-shaped. In winter, the leaves are shed.

European Engelbert Kaempfer, who first encountered this tree in the 17th century, recorded the plant with its Japanese pronunciation.
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