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Fish Seasoning

It is recommended to consume fish at least twice a week for a healthier life. Using fish seasoning will be the right choice to make delicious fish.

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There are aromas that will add flavor to the taste of fish in this mixture, which is formed by combining different spices. Bay leaf, which is in the properties, takes the annoying smell of the fish and gives an appetizing smell instead. You can sprinkle this spice directly on the fish, which you can use for both frying and baking, or you can rub the fish with the mixture for better penetration. Alternatively, you can add a different flavor to the tarator sauce.

Arifoğlu Fish Spice
You can create unforgettable flavors with Arifoğlu fish spice, which we offer for sale in different sizes starting from 60 grams to 1000 grams. This spice, which you can use in food marinades or as a condiment, includes dried onions, bay leaves, celery, cumin, dried garlic, coriander, chili peppers, and mustard. Produced in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex, this mixture is preservative-free, natural, and additive-free. In this way, you can easily use it in your meals.

Spices are generally preferred for fish such as sea bass, sea bream, and mackerel. All you have to do is mix half a tea glass of olive oil with a tablespoon of fish seasoning and rub it on the fish. You can also add salt according to your taste. You can cook the marinated fish directly after keeping it in the refrigerator for about two hours.

Fish Seasoning Mix
The fish spice mix, prepared with a weight of onions, consists of natural components. When you want to buy the product, you can place an order by adding it directly to your cart. All your orders will be delivered to your address on the scheduled delivery date. You can buy the spice, which is offered for sale in tin cans, glass jars, and in packages, in any quantity.

It is preferred in flavors such as garlic fish soup, baked fish dishes, and steamed dishes. Rosemary and basil are indispensable for both juicy and sauced fish recipes. Red pepper is one of the spices that suit fish and adds flavor to sea bass, bluefish, and red mullet fish. For this reason, it is often used in fish recipes.

Fish Seasoning Prices
The fish seasoning prices you want to buy will differ according to the amount and packaging of the product. Arifoğlu Spices offers you both glass and tin can options. Glass spice in grams is one of the most affordable products. If you wish, you can order a tin box of 120 grams to ensure that your usage time is longer. All the products you buy will be delivered to the cargo within two working days. For products originating from Turkey, convenient payment terms such as payment at the door, and credit card single payment are available. You can complete your product order by choosing the one you want. In some periods, campaigns and discounted prices are applied on the site, and you can complete your spice shopping at more economical prices by following them.

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