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S-letter beginning plants

Erica manipuliflora

24 May 2018
Broom seed, whose Latin name is 'Erica manipuliflora', is from the heather family. Its homeland is South Africa. It grows in the Thrace region of our country. It likes Sunny places and dry soils. Although its name is broom grass, it is not used in broom production. It got its name from its similarity to a broom. It is a bell-shaped evergreen shrub plant with reddish, purple, and pink flowers.

It is also known as Püren, Bushy heather, Autumn heather, and Broom flower. It is lush in all seasons. Although it is a plant of African origin, it is widely grown in Europe.

Willow Leaf

24 May 2018
The willow, whose Latin name is 'Salix alba', is from the willow family. Its homeland is the Mediterranean, Marmara, and Aegean. There are approximately two hundred and fifty species. The most widely grown species in our country is willow. They love wet places and stream beds. Except for a few species, the willow plant sheds its leaves in winter. It blooms in April and May. Alvarian is a perennial herb with short stems, sometimes with almost opposite long leaves.

Archaeological remains of willow trees have been found in settlements belonging to the Anatolian Neolithic Age.

‘Plantago lanceolata

24 May 2018
This grass, whose Latin name is 'Plantago lanceolata', is from the family of phytograss. Although its homeland is Europe, it is widely grown in almost all parts of the world. In our country, it is found almost everywhere as an invasive species on roadsides, meadows, slopes, and stream sides. The weed got its name because of the clarity of the nerves (veins) in its leaves. It is a herbaceous perennial in rosette form.

Its leaves are erect, narrow, and short-stalked. Numerous tiny flowers cluster at the ends of the branches to greet the sun.


24 May 2018
Since the English name 'senna' is peelable, the Latin name is 'Cassia angustifolia', derived from the combination of the Arabic 'sena' and the Hebrew 'cassia' meaning 'peelable'. It is in the legume family. Its homeland is Somalia, Egypt, and India. It is grown as an ornamental plant in the Southern Aegean and Mediterranean regions of our country. It is a bushy, perennial herb with green compound leaves that blooms in yellow clusters in summer.

mullein plant

24 May 2018
The mullein plant, whose Latin name is 'Verbascum thapsus', is from the family of rowanworts. Its homeland is Europe. It grows in Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean and Thrace regions in our country. It blooms during peak sun periods. With its candle-like shape, it scatters light around the roadsides. It is a perennial herbaceous plant with an erect stem, sometimes branched and covered with woolly hairs. It is a common plant both in Europe and Anatolia. There are 200 species in Turkey alone.

Psoriasis Grass

24 May 2018
Mother of pearl, whose Latin name is 'Ruta graveolens', is from the family of mother-of-pearl. In ancient Greek, 'Ruta' means fluent, helping, and saving, while 'graveolen' means strong-smelling. The peculiar smell of rue is loved by houseflies, while they abduct animals such as snakes, martens, cats, and mice. Its homeland is the Eastern Mediterranean. It does not grow wild in our country, it is usually grown as an ornamental plant in gardens. It's always lush. The root of this perennial shrub-like plant becomes woody in its second year. The leaves are divided into lateral leaves several times and become bifurcated. In June and July, showy, dazzling yellow flowers bloom.

St. John's Wort

24 May 2018
St. John's Wort, whose Latin name is 'Hypericum perforatum', is from the St. John's Wort family. It is native to Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia. The plant, which grows spontaneously in forested areas, fields, and roadsides in Europe, has adapted to North America and naturally started to grow in the countryside. There are 60 different species in our country. St. John's Wort is a perennial herbaceous plant that got its name from the yellow color of its star-shaped flowers.
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