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Helichrysum Arenarium'

Helichrysum Arenarium'

Golden grass, whose Latin name is 'Helichrysum Arenarium', got this name because of its golden yellow color. It is also known by different names among the people: Golden flower, Immortal Flower, Sunflower, Bee Flower... Its homeland is Europe. It grows in Eastern Anatolia in our country. There are 17 different types. Golden Grass is a perennial herbaceous plant that mostly likes rocky areas.

It blooms with beautiful tiny yellow flowers. That's why it is specially grown in garden decoration and parks. It is among the most popular flowers in the floristry industry, as its flowers still retain their golden color after drying. Although it is a plant of European origin, it is also widely known in Anatolia.

From the goldengrass plant; goldengrass tea, goldengrass oil is produced.

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