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alchemilla is the common name of plant species belonging to the genus Alchemilla from the Rosaceae family. It is also known as Şebnemli and Aslanayak. In Turkey, especially two species of this genus (Alchemilla arvensis and Alchemilla vulgaris) grow widely in North, South, and West Anatolia. More than 1000 different species have been found in Africa, North America, Europe, and parts of Asia. This plant grows mostly in mountainous regions and moist meadows.

Jerome Bock, the eponymous father of the plant in Europe, named the plant 'lion's mane', inspired by the resemblance of its leaves to the lion's claw. The stem of Lion's claw plant is quite robust and the plant looks more like a bush. The lower surfaces of the leaves are slightly hairy. It blooms yellowish flowers between May and June. It is collected together with the flowers. Picking should be done at the beginning of the flowering period.

From the lion's claw plant, lion's paw tea, lion's paw oil, and lion's paw cream are produced.

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