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Erica manipuliflora

Erica manipuliflora

Broom seed, whose Latin name is 'Erica manipuliflora', is from the heather family. Its homeland is South Africa. It grows in the Thrace region of our country. It likes sunny places and dry soils. Although its name is broom grass, it is not used in broom production. It got its name from its similarity to a broom. It is a bell-shaped evergreen shrub plant with reddish, purple, and pink flowers.

It is also known as Püren, Bushy heather, Autumn heather, and Broom flower. It is lush in all seasons. Although it is a plant of African origin, it is widely grown in Europe.

From the broom seed plant; broom seed tea, broom seed oil, broom seed extract, broom seed tincture, and ointment are produced

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