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‘Plantago lanceolata

‘Plantago lanceolata

This grass, whose Latin name is 'Plantago lanceolata', is from the family of phytograss. Although its homeland is Europe, it is widely grown in almost all parts of the world. In our country, it is found almost everywhere as an invasive species on roadsides, meadows, slopes, and stream sides. The weed got its name because of the clarity of the nerves (veins) in its leaves. It is a herbaceous perennial in rosette form.

Its leaves are erect, narrow, and short-stalked. Numerous tiny flowers cluster at the ends of the branches to greet the sun. These solidly built roots are resistant to all kinds of harsh conditions. In some regions, it is also known by the names of Scar grass, Five vein grass, Snake grass, Yılandili, Horsetail grass, and Fire leaf. The leaves of the plant are eaten as a salad in the spring. It is cooked with the artichoke dish. Sometimes the ground seeds are added to soups and bread dough.

From the weed plant; Styrofoam tea, Styrofoam oil, Styrofoam extract, Styrofoam ointment, and cream are produced.

A specialist should be consulted for therapeutic use.

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