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mullein plant

mullein plant

The mullein plant, whose Latin name is 'Verbascum thapsus', is from the family of rowanworts. Its homeland is Europe. It grows in Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean, and Thrace regions in our country. It blooms during peak sun periods. With its candle-like shape, it scatters light around the roadsides. It is a perennial herbaceous plant with an erect stem, sometimes branched and covered with woolly hairs. It is a common plant both in Europe and Anatolia. There are 200 species in Turkey alone.

It is also known as Yünotu in some regions. Mullein grass spends its first year without flowers. From mid-summer to autumn of the second year, it blooms with bright yellow flowers. When these flowers mature, they turn into fruits that contain their seeds. The plant reproduces by the seeds it sheds. The flowers of this plant, which is loved by honey bees, are sweet as well as fragrant.

From the mullein plant; mullein tea, mullein oil, mullein resin, mullein tincture, mullein vinegar, mullein ointment, mullein soap, and incense are produced.

A specialist should be consulted for therapeutic use.

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