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The Latin name is Cassia angustifolia, derived from the combination of the Arabic 'senna' and the Hebrew 'cassia' meaning 'peelable', since the English name 'senna' can be peeled off. It is in the legume family. Its homeland is Somalia, Egypt, and India. It is grown as an ornamental plant in the Southern Aegean and Mediterranean regions of our country. It is a bushy, perennial herb with green compound leaves that blooms in yellow clusters in summer.

It is known that there are approximately two hundred and sixty different types of senna. Its pod-like fruit is flat and hard. Inside the fruit are reddish, sweet seeds. It is used as a flavoring spice in most of the cookies we eat. In addition, the flavor that gives cappuccino that distinctive aroma is senna. It has taken its place in the cuisine of many regions as a spice seasoning in almost all kinds of salads and meals.

From the senna plant; senna tea, cassia oil, cassia paste, cassia capsule, senna cream, and extract are produced.

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