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Reyhan, whose Latin name is 'Ocimum basilicum', is from the family of ballibabagiller. It grows in coastal areas. Its homeland is India. Like many honeybee species, Reyhan completes its life when it blooms in its first year. The basil plant can also be perennial in suitable climates.

In some species, the leaves are purple and marbling. It is a plant famous for its scent. In many countries, the word basil means 'fragrant'. It freely exhibits its scent in salads, almost all kinds of meat dishes, soups, omelets, and tomato dishes. In the Middle Ages, it was believed to drive away evil spirits when used as incense. For the Greeks, it is a symbol of fertility and abundance. In order to protect from bad luck and evil, the Romans used to keep the basil plant in their garden. Since it symbolizes fertility, loyalty, and abundance in many cultures, it has also had an important spiritual place.

From the bacillus plant; Essences such as basil tea, basil oil, and basil cologne are also produced.

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