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Rumeoc Patienta

Rumeoc Patienta

Labada, whose Latin name is 'Rumeoc Patienta', is from the buckwheat family. Its homeland is the Mediterranean. It grows easily almost everywhere in our country. It likes mostly mountainous, wooded, meadow, and wet places. Between June and September, large veins open leaves. It is a herbaceous annual plant that grows on a single stem and blooms as red scales in mid-summer.

It is also known as Duvelik, Efelek, Avelik, Mountain Chard, Ilıbada, Gegeş in some regions. It has been used since ancient Egyptian and Roman times. Thanks to the sour taste of its leaves, it is preferred in the preparation of many dishes, especially stuffed leaves. Rice and onion mixes go perfectly with Labada. It freely exhibits its taste in salads and soups. It is possible to obtain different tastes with Labada.

From the labada plant; labada tea and labada oil are produced.

A specialist should be consulted for therapeutic use.

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