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Arifoğlu Online Sales Site
Established in 1944 in the Spice Bazaar in ‌Istanbul, ‌‌Arifoğlu still continues its sales activities with over 1000 products. Among the products produced from plants and herbs grown in nature; are spices, tea varieties, and plant essential oils. The company, which aims to contribute to the nutritional habits that form the basis of a healthy life, is among the constant addresses of those who seek healing in nature. ‌‌Arifoğlu, which also exceeds the borders of Turkey with its products, appeals to a wide audience with its sales points abroad. Whether used as personal care or as a food supplement, ‌Arifoğlu products serve different purposes; There are those that are applied directly to the skin and those that are brewed and drunk like tea.

‌Arifoğlu Spice Types
The spices used to increase the flavor of the dishes, with the smell and flavor they add to the recipes, manage to turn even the most ordinary menus into a feast. While some taste the bitter taste of foods, others create a flavor explosion with the slight sourness they add. Along with the most consumed varieties in Anatolian culture, ‌Arifoğlu's spice varieties, which also include exotic flavors, reveal natural flavors suitable for everyone's palate. All ‌Arifoğlu spices, which are selected as a result of meticulous screening, are produced with strict adherence to hygiene rules and without the use of additives. Those who do not want to stay with just adding flavor to the dishes also ‌marine foods such as red meat, chicken, and fish with ‌Arifoğlu's spices.

‌Arifoğlu Natural Herbal Teas
You can try ‌Arifoğlu herbal teas to sip the healing that comes from nature. ‌Arifoğlu ‌matcha tea, which is among the most popular products of recent times, ranks first in the list of those who want to start the day fit and energetic with its antioxidant effect. The brand, which also has teas that contribute to the nutrition program with different mixtures, is another product of the brand, ‌Arifoğlu mother tea. The product, which aims to increase breast milk with different herbal mixtures in its content, enables babies to benefit more from breast milk. ‌‌Arifoğlu, who also has different mixtures to relieve the tiredness and stress of the day, also prepares herbal teas for those who suffer from ‌cold, cough, and flu.

‌Arifoğlu Personal Care Products and Oils
‌Arifoğlu oil and personal care products, which are followed closely by those who take care of their personal care, produce natural solutions with their strong formulas. Supporting ‌eyebrow-eyelash, hair, and skincare with its different products, ‌Arifoğlu herbal products also help you relax while supporting your body from the outside. ‌Arifoğlu hair care oil and shampoos, which are appreciated with the alternative products it offers for different hair types, make your hair brighter, lively, and bushy. Produced for skincare, ‌Arifoğlu coconut oil and the like keep the skin's moisture balanced while keeping it smooth and lively. ‌Arifoğlu rose oil, which is obtained from rose extracts, whose relaxing effect has been known for a long time, reduces stress when used either by applying it to the forehead and temples or by adding a drop to the bathwater. The brand, which also develops special formulas for eyebrow and eyelash care, makes your shed eyebrows and eyelashes grow thicker thanks to ‌Arifoğlu eyebrow and eyelash care oil.

‌Arifoğlu Organic and Natural Products
You can buy royal jelly and ‌propolis, which are known to be one of the most useful components in the world, with the guarantee of ‌Arifoğlu. ‌Arifoğlu royal jelly and ‌propolis products, which are known to have many benefits and are produced by bees, are among the important food supplements. ‌Arifoğlu ‌propolis and the healing royal jelly of the queen bee, which honey bees bring to their hives by collecting a thousand kinds of flowers, are specially packaged for you. Known to have a calming effect on the skin, ‌Arifoğlu lavender oil is used both as a substitute for incense and as a skincare product. Known as the miracle formula of the Swedes, ‌Arifoğlu Swedish syrup can be drunk orally according to the need, and it can also be applied directly to the skin in the treatment of acne and wounds.

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