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Rose Oil 20ml

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Arifoğlu Rose Oil in 20ml Dropper Bottle

Its homeland is Anatolia, Iran, and China, but it grows in other places as well. It is very beautiful and precious. It is used to decorate parks and gardens as well as decorate rooms, and terraces. It has many colors. It is a very demanded flower in cut floriculture.

Arifoğlu Rose Oil has a refreshing and uniquely comforting scent. It is an Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy oil that has been frequently used by women and medieval and Ottoman physicians throughout history.

HOW TO USE: After adding a few drops to your neck, temples, wrists, or hand-body cream, you can consume it by applying it to your skin. You can also apply it directly to your hair ends or by dripping it onto your hairbrush. You can also enjoy the smooth enjoyment of revitalization, refreshment, relaxation, and focus by trying to use it by dripping the last rinse water in the bathroom or on your shampoo, sponge, or washcloth and using it on your whole skin, preparing a mask, and dripping it on your face, heater, etc. in your room.

METHOD OF OBTAINING: It is obtained by the distillation method of roses.

INGREDIENTS: Rosa Damascena Flower Oil.

USAGE: It is suitable for use on hair and skin.

USAGE FOR HAIR: After a few drops of essential oil are dripped into the fixed oil, it is applied to the hair. It helps hair gain shine and vitality.

USAGE FOR THE BODY: After a few drops of essential oil are dripped into the fixed oil, it can be applied to the whole body by massaging. It helps soften the skin and gain moisture.

CAUTIONS: *Store at room temperature, with the lid closed, out of light.

*Manufacture Date (URT), Expiry Date (SKT), and Lot No (PN) are on the packaging.

*For external use. Non-drinkable. Since it is an essential oil, it may show allergic effects such as redness and burning on the skin. Therefore, it should be mixed and used with fixed oils. Before use, do an allergy test by dripping a drop into your wrist and waiting for half an hour.

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