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Macadamia Oil 20ml

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macadamia (Macadamia Integrfolia)

Macadamia is a genus of flowering plants belonging to the Proteaceae family.

The natural habitat of this breed is in Australia. Small to large evergreen (evergreen) trees can grow to a height of 2-12 m, depending on the type. The leaves can be arranged in 3 to 6 rings, depending on the type, and the leaf types can be 6-30 cm long and 2-13 cm wide with spiny margins, elliptical or lanceolate, or inverted ovate. The flowers are slender, 5–30 cm long, in the form of simple panicles. The flowers alone are 10-15 mm long, white, pink, or purple. The fruits are very hard woody and spherical, the follicle contains 1 or 2 seeds behind a pointed shell. Turkish Macadamia is known as Macadamia Nut.

METHOD OF OBTAINING: It is obtained from macadamia seeds by cold pressing method.

INGREDIENTS: Macadamia integrifolia seed oil

USAGE AREA: It is suitable for use on hair and skin.

USAGE FOR HAIR: A few drops of essential oil are dropped into fixed oil and applied to the hair. It helps hair to gain shine and vitality.

USAGE FOR THE BODY: It can be applied to the whole body by massaging after a few drops of essential oil are dropped into the fixed oil. It helps the skin to soften and gain moisture.

* Store at room temperature, with the cover closed and away from light.
* For external use. It is not drinkable. Before use, do an allergy test by dropping a drop into your wrist and keeping it for half an hour.

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