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Yogurt Grass

Yogurt Grass

Yogurt, whose Latin name is 'Galium aparine', is from the root dye family. The word 'galium' is derived from the word 'gala'. It means milk. Yogurt got this name because it was used to make cheese in the past. There are 300 subspecies. Its homeland is Europe and Asia. It grows widely in Ankara, Adana, Antalya, Bolu and Çanakkale in our country. The stems of this perennial herbaceous plant are long and the flowers are cluster-shaped, green-white in color.

In some regions, it is also known by the names sticky grass, shepherd's grass, circumcised grass, circumcised grass, and gooseberry. With the help of the feathers on its handle, it can easily climb anywhere and move forward like ivy. Although it secretes a sweet odor similar to honey, its taste is bitter.

During the archaeological excavations, remains of yogurt grass species and seeds were found during the Neolithic Age. It is known that this plant, which has been known since ancient times, was mostly used in cheese making. In Ireland, it is drunk instead of coffee.

From the yogurt plant; Yogurtgrass tea, yogurtgrass tincture, yogurtgrass extract, yogurtgrass syrup, and cream are produced.

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