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Walnut Leaf 80g (Juglans regia)

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Walnut, whose Latin name is 'Juglans Regia', is from the walnut family. According to some sources, the homeland of the walnut is shown as the Ghilan region of Iran, while in some sources it is China. In our country, walnut cultivation is carried out in the Marmara, Aegean, Mediterranean, and Black Sea regions. It is a perennial plant known for its flowers that shed their leaves in winter and bloom before their leaves.
The walnut tree, which is unlike any other tree with its flamboyant body and majestic appearance, creates a freshness in the breath with its sharp smell. The delicious fruits of this tree, which are at least as old as human history, can be eaten raw as well as dried and consumed as snacks. It is a great seasoning on cakes, cookies, cakes, and desserts. It creates a different taste in jam and halvah. It freely displays its taste in salads and cold appetizers. It is also a sought-after material in carving because its timber is extremely valuable.

Walnut is the food of the gods in Greek and Roman mythology. Throughout the history of humanity, it has been crowned by people both with its appearance and taste. It has been the subject of poems, stories, and mythological stories. Hanging walnuts in bridal rooms has become a tradition in many cultures. The ritual of decorating Christmas trees with walnuts dipped in gilding still continues today.

From the walnut leaf plant; walnut leaf tea, walnut leaf oil, walnut leaf paste, walnut leaf soap, walnut leaf tincture, and walnut leaf extract are produced. In addition, with the richness of tannins and essential oils in their content, it has entered the content of a wide variety of drugs.

It is believed that drinking walnut leaf tea is good for appetite, constipation, lowering blood sugar, strengthening the body, and sore throat and tonsillitis. [1] Walnut leaves are also used to dye wool, cotton or silk threads brown. During the First World War, the tents and clothes of soldiers in the Turkish army were painted with a mixture of walnut leaves and onions.

Walnut leaves, which are dried under suitable conditions, have a life of 1 year when stored in a closed container in a dim, cool and dry environment.

Herbal Treatment in Turkey_Prof.Dr.Turhan Baytop_(s175-176)

Ingredient: Walnut Leaves ( juglans Regia).

Part Used: Leaf

Preparation: After boiling 1 teaspoon of walnut leaves in 100 degrees boiling water for 10 minutes, you can consume your tea.

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