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 Wall Germander

Wall Germander

 Wall Germander, whose Latin name is 'Teucrium chamaedrys', is from the family of ballibabagiller. Its homeland is the Mediterranean. It grows easily in almost every region of our country. In some regions, it is also known as Spleen Grass, Oak Grass, Bitter Slow Grass, Mayasıl Grass, Mary's Grass, Earth Oak, Acorns, Privates, and Kumacu Grass. It is a bushy perennial herbaceous plant.

It loves high hills, mountain slopes, roadsides, and forest bottoms. In the spring, fragrant pink flowers bloom. It has a bitter taste and a mild fragrance that gives a feeling of lightness. Although we have heard its name frequently in recent years, the plant has been used by various cultures and peoples since the Middle Ages.

From the shortening plant; Short mahogany tea, cassava oil, quince tincture, and ointment are produced.

When stored in a closed glass jar in a dim, cool, and dry environment, the dried short herb has a lifespan of 1 year.

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