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vitex Agnus castus

vitex Agnus castus

Hayıt, whose Latin name is 'Vitex agnus-castus', is from the verbena family. Its homeland is the Mediterranean and the Western Caucasus. It is widely grown in the Anatolian region of our country. The plant, which grows on seaside and rocky areas, prefers low calcareous, low potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus rich soil. It is a perennial herb in the form of a bush with pale pink or blue flowers.

Hayıt is a plant known since ancient times by the Hittites, Ancient Mesopotamia, and Roman civilizations.

Today, the chaste plant is still used for various purposes. In the Muğla region, the essential oil obtained from the leaves is used instead of thyme oil. Hayıt fruit and powder are sprinkled on woolen fabrics to protect them from moths. Baskets are knitted from the branches of the Hayıt tree in Western Anatolia. Yellow roots are preferred for dyeing yarn.

From the chaste seed plant; chaste seed tea, chaste berry oil, and chaste berry tincture are produced.

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