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Thyme, whose Latin name is “Thymus”, is from the family of honeybabagiller. Its homeland is the Mediterranean. It grows easily in almost every region of our country. There are more than 350 species. It is a perennial herbaceous plant that can be grown easily on arid hills and mountain foothills and is known for its beautiful scent.

It is one of the most famous spices in world cuisine. It is indispensable for all kinds of meat dishes. With its rich aroma, taste, and smell, it fits perfectly into all kinds of dishes.

It is known that the first use of thyme, which has a history of thousands of years, dates back to Ancient Greece. It was used as incense in temples with its fragrance. It was used in the manufacture of perfumes and embalming in ancient Egypt. The ancient Greeks and Romans flavored cheese and alcoholic beverages with thyme. Thyme, which is the symbol of courage and admiration, was used as a motif in the costumes of the knights and made the crown.

From the thyme plant; Thyme tea, thyme oil, thyme tincture, thyme spirit, thyme paste, thyme ointment, thyme essence, thyme soap, thyme shampoo, thyme extract, thyme extract, thyme cologne, and incense are produced.

[1] Herbal Treatment in Turkey_Prof.Dr.Turhan Baytop
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