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Shepherd's bag

Shepherd's bag

Shepherd's bag, whose Latin name is 'Capsella bursa pastoris', is from the cruciferous family. Its homeland is the Mediterranean basin. It grows in the Aegean, Thrace, Mediterranean and Anatolian regions of our country. It is so named because the heart-shaped fruit pods resemble a shepherd's purse. The leaves on its body are tiny and arrow-shaped. It is an annual herbaceous wild plant known for its drought and cold resistance.

Other names are Jinglish grass, Shepherd's purse, Shepherd's bag and Bird's wand. Tiny white flowers bloom from spring to late autumn. The flowers are located at the end of the branch in bulk. Narrow leaves, long, segmented edges are toothed. It can be easily distinguished from other plants by its heart-like fruits.

Shepherd's purse is odorless and has an unpleasant bitter taste. Despite this, it is also consumed cooked in Anatolia, just like spinach.

From the shepherd's purse plant; shepherd's purse tea, shepherd's purse oil, shepherd's purse extract, shepherd's purse paste, shepherd's purse ointment, shepherd's purse cream, shepherd's purse vinegar, shepherd's purse soap and shampoo are produced.

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