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Red Pepper (Red Pepper)

Red Pepper (Red Pepper)

Red Pepper (Red Pepper)

Chilli pepper, whose Latin name is 'Capsicum Annum', is a plant species belonging to the family class known as the nightshade (Solanaceae). The part used for the production of chili pepper is the fruits of the plant. It is used in coarse, ground or powder form. The homeland of red pepper is Central America and South America. The first pepper cultivation BC. It is reported that it was made in America in 7500 BC, and the plant spread to China and India from here. When Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas, he mistook the plant with bitter fruits as black pepper, so he thought that the region they came from was South India first. It is thought that the first entry of the plant into Turkey was via the Red Sea via Syria or through trade with Italy.

Chili peppers come into prominence mainly with their stimulating properties. In addition to its appetizing and blood circulation accelerating quality, it is used for breakfast, meat dishes, salads and soups for the purpose of flavoring the food components. Scientific studies have shown that chili pepper has a metabolic accelerator feature besides its flavor feature.[1] The 'capsaicin' molecule of chili pepper has a high fat-burning capacity. [2] It is also known that cayenne pepper, which should be consumed in a controlled manner for those with diseases such as gastritis, ulcers, and hemorrhoids, strengthens immunity against flu infections and reduces body aches with its antibacterial properties. Red pepper, 100 grams of which gives about 320 calories of energy to the body, is also a versatile healing store with the calcium, potassium, phosphorus, and vitamins A, B, and C it contains. Chili pepper is one of the rare plants that are also a source of happiness with its ability to trigger the production of the hormone endorphin, known as the happiness hormone in the body. Arifoğlu chili pepper plant is produced in the Gaziantep factory.


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