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Yakiotu, whose Latin name is 'Herba moxibustion', is from the fuchsia family. It grows in Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia. It is widely found in Adana, Bitlis, Giresun and Trabzon in our country. There are 400 varieties known in the world. It is a perennial herbaceous plant that can spread rapidly to the soil it is found thanks to its shoot roots.

It is also known as a pasture rose. It produces inverted egg-shaped flowers of pinkish-red or lilac color. It produces fruits that resemble bean pods. Since there are poisonous species of the firewood plant, it must be collected and dried by a specialist. In ancient times, young girls used the flowers of the plant, which symbolized fertility and beauty, as a crown.

From the firewood plant; Fuel oil tea, fuel oil, fuel vinegar, fuel oil paste, fuel oil extract, fuel oil extract, fuel oil ointment, fuel oil shampoo, and soap are produced.

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