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Evening Primrose, whose Latin name is 'Primulaceae', is from the evening primrose family. It got its name from its leaves, which look like broadcloth. Its homeland is China. There are nearly 500 species. Primarily grown as an ornamental plant in horticulture, the primrose grows wild in sunny meadows or sun-exposed forest areas of Europe and Asia. Primrose, which is also common in Anatolia, is also known as Ayıkulag, Tutya Flower, Evvel Baharotu, Onbiray flower, and Felçotu according to the regions.

It is a perennial herb that grows easily on the sides of the mountains and in the countryside. The leaves are arranged in the form of rosettes near the base and have a fine, tight hairy structure. The upper surfaces of the long oval leaves are wrinkled. It blooms with colorful flowers forming loose umbrellas. The color of the flowers varies according to the temperature of the environment in which the plant grows.

From the Primrose plant; Evening primrose tea, evening primrose oil, evening primrose jam, and syrup are produced.

In order to benefit from this wonderful plant with the highest efficiency, it is necessary to collect and dry the plant as a whole along with its roots in April and May.
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