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Product Information

Ingredients: Organic Grape Vinegar

Produced through traditional natural fermentation from organic grapefruits.
For this reason, residue, color change, and a transparent layer called “main” may occur on the surfaces of vinegar, especially after the lid is opened. These are not signs of spoilage and the vinegar is used by filtering it again. This indicates that the fermentation continues and the vinegar is not pasteurized and filtered.

*Store in a cool place with the closed lid and protect from sunlight.

*Vinegar is an indefinite product. The production date and lot number are on the packaging.

Business Registration Number: TR-51-K-004917 Filled in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex.

This product is Arifoğlu Baharat ve Gıda San. Ltd. Sti. was produced in accordance with the Regulation on the Principles and Practice of Organic Agriculture No. 27676 and was certified by CCPB (TR-OT-015), the Control and Certification Body authorized by MFAL.

TO INFORM: In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, no promotion is made regarding herbal supplement products by specifying the name of the disease or indication.
Our products are not drugs; It is a herbal supplement.
The set discounted and campaign sales prices that we apply from time to time are not valid in our stores.

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