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Product Information

Milk Thistle Paste is a natural mixture product that draws attention with its natural ingredients. It is meticulously formulated with flower honey, thistle extract, artichoke leaf extract, dandelion extract, jujube fruit, berberis extract, and cheetah extract.

The high content of flower honey at the rate of 75% adds a sweet taste and natural sweetening properties to Milk Thistle Paste. Milk thistle extract, artichoke leaf extract, and dandelion extract are the unique ingredients of this paste. These plant extracts are known for their potential benefits from their traditional use.

Jujube fruit, berberis extract, and sawdust extract are other valuable ingredients added to Milk Thistle Paste. These extracts provide the product with nutritional properties and rich antioxidant content.

Milk Thistle Paste is produced in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex and has the business registration number TR-34-K-214779.
The production date, Expiry date, and batch number are on the packaging.


Flower Honey: 75%

Milk Thistle Extract: 5%

Artichoke Leaf Extract: 5%

Dandelion Grass Extract: 5%

Jujube Fruit: 5%

Berberis Extract: 2.5%

 Shakhtar Extract: 2.5%

To inform:
In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, no promotion is made regarding herbal supplement products by specifying the name of the disease or indication. Our products are not drugs; It is a herbal supplement.
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