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“Melissa Officinalis

“Melissa Officinalis

It is from a family of honeydews, whose Latin name is called “Melissa Officinalis”. It is native to the Mediterranean and Southern Europe. It grows in Marmara, Aegean and Mediterranean regions in our country. It is a herbaceous and perennial herb with lemon-scented, hairy leaves. It is lush in four seasons.

Small white flowers bloom in late summer. Its other known names are melissa and Kovanotu. The use of Oğulotu dates back to very, very ancient times. M.S. In the 'Pre Hyalis Iatrikes' (Knowledge of Medicines) work of Pedanius Dioscorides, which is estimated to have been written in Greek in 77 BC, the lemon balm plant is mentioned. Among the herbal drugs in the book Kitab al-Saydada fi al-Tıb (Book about the medical curriculum), which is one of the one hundred works that Ebu Reyhan Birûni left behind in the history of humanity, the benefits of the lemon balm are also mentioned.

From the herbaceous plant; Essences such as lemon balm tea, lemon balm oil, and lemon balm cologne are also produced.

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