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ground pine

ground pine

ground pine whose Latin name is 'Lycopodium clavatum', is from the rosaceae family. It grows in Anatolia, Europe, and North America. It is frequently seen in the humid parts of the Trabzon, Rize, and Çoruh mountains in our country. It is a fuzzy green plant. It has numerous white and red spotted flowers in leaf axils. It clings to the soil with thin, elegant roots coming out of its trunk. It is a perennial herbaceous plant that is evergreen.

It is included in the scope of nature protection law in Austria and Germany. In some regions, it is also known as wormwood, wormsnail, snakeroot, centipede, centipede.

Archaeological excavations have uncovered a 330 million-year-old wormclaw fossil dating from the Carbonfier period at the Crock Hey Mine, Wigan, Lancashire, England. The fossil is similar to the wolf's claw grasses alive today. Wolfclaw powder was formerly sprinkled in boxes so that the pills wouldn't stick together. In Eastern European countries, it was believed that if the spores were sprinkled under the incubating poultry, the chick would not hatch.

From the Wolfclaw plant; Wolfclaw tea, wolf's paw powder, and wolf's claw tincture is produced.

A specialist should be consulted for therapeutic use.

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