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Ground Flax Seed

Ground Flax Seed

Flax, whose Latin name is 'Linum usitatissimum' meaning 'very medicinal plant', is from the family of flaxaceae. Its homeland is Turkey, Egypt, Syria and Iraq. Today, it is also grown as a cultural plant in Europe, Asia, North and South of America. In June and August, it enlivens the summer with its silky-soft, liberating azure or unique yellow flowers. Fiber and oil are classified as flax. It can easily grow in almost any type of soil. It is planted periodically as summer and autumn linen in Anatolia.

Many archaeological studies show that flax was cultivated in Mesopotamia 7,000 years ago. Pictures of the cultivation of flax were found, which were put as food in the burial chambers in Ancient Egypt.

Ground linseed is added to mixed grain bread in the western bakery industry. It is widely used to obtain different tastes in cakes, pies, and all mixtures with dough. It can also be added to all kinds of salads, soups, pilafs, and meals as a condiment.

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