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Green tea

Green tea

Green tea, whose Latin name is 'Camellia sinensis', is from the tea family. It is also grown in tropical and subtropical regions. It is an evergreen perennial herb with a strong main root. The homeland of green tea is China and Japan. Its homeland in our country is known as Rize and Trabzon.

Green tea is much more than just ordinary tea. Information about its first use dates back to 3000 BC. According to a rumor, Green tea was discovered as a result of accidentally falling a green tea leaf into the boiling water in front of the Chinese emperor of the period. Since that day, it has become almost a phenomenon and has become famous with its widespread consumption among all cultures and peoples.

There are four types of drying of green tea. Steam, pan, oven, and sun… These drying stages change the taste of green tea. Steam-dried ones have a more grassy and bitter taste. Green teas dried in the pan and in the oven are delicious and soft in taste. If you are a green tea drinker, it is useful to pay attention to the drying conditions.

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