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Green Oats

Green Oats

Green oat, whose Latin name is 'Avena sativa', is from a family of wheatgrass. Its homeland is known as the west of Asia and the east of Europe. It grows widely in Marmara, Aegean, and Central Anatolia regions in our country. It is a herbaceous cereal plant.

There are many varieties of green oats with white, black, yellow, red, or gray seeds and long or short stems. Today, green oat is a grain that is produced more than barley and rye. It likes cool and humid climates. Since the dough prepared from green oat flour does not rise, it is not used in bread making. More porridge or pancake-type foods are made. Green oats were famous enough to replace wheat when wheat was expensive in the past. One of the most famous dishes in the Middle Ages was porridge. Today, green oats have a considerable reputation among food products.

From the green oat plant; green oat tea, green oat tincture, green oat extract, and shampoo are produced.

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