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French lavender

French lavender

Blackhead grass, whose Latin name is "Lavandula stoechas", is from the family of honeybabagiller. Its homeland is the Mediterranean region. It is a drought resistant plant. It grows widely in Istanbul, Izmir and Edirne in our country. It is also known as French lavender. It has an alluring effect with its musk scent. The tiny purple flowers that bloom later among the purple flowers create a wonderful view as if butterflies have landed on the plant.

From the blackhead plant; black herb tea, black herb oil, black herb tincture, black herb soap, black herb shampoo, and cream are produced. In addition, with the richness of essential oils in its content, it has entered the content of a wide variety of drugs.

When stored in a closed container, in a dim, cool, and dry environment, the lifespan of the dried black cumin is 1 year.
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