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Comfrey Grass

Comfrey Grass

It is from a family of borage, whose Latin name is called "Symphytum officinale". Its homeland is Eurasia. It grows in North Anatolia in our country. It especially likes sunny, moist and nitrogen-rich areas. Its roots resemble a cage, and its leaves resemble a donkey's ear. For this reason, it is also known as donkey ear in some regions. It is a perennial herb that blooms throughout the summer.

The flowers are pendulous, attached to a stem. Extending in the shape of a broad lanceolate, the ends of the leaves are pointed, the edges are slightly notched, wavy, the upper surface is green rough, the lower surface is grayish green and hairy.

From the comfrey plant; Comfrey tea, comfrey oil, comfrey tincture, comfrey cream and shampoo are produced.

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