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Cinnamon Oil 20ml

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Cinnamon (Cinnamomum)

Essentially, the dried bark of the tree is used. The outer part of the shells has a cork layer and is grayish in color. Cinnamon spice is obtained by drying and grinding the remaining inner bark after the outer part of the trunk and branch bark of the tree is stripped. In addition, cinnamon sticks are obtained by putting the shells together and rolling them like a roll. The odor is strong, sharp, and long-lasting, and the taste is sweet and burning. It carries tannin and essential oil. It is used as a spice. Its fruits are also spicy, delicious, and cinnamon-scented, used instead of cinnamon. It is added to desserts, especially milk desserts, as a condiment. It is also widely used in coffee, chocolate and fruit sauces, and beverages.

METHOD OF OBTAINING: It is obtained by the distillation method from cinnamon shells.

INGREDIENTS: Cinnamomum Zeylanicum Bark Oil (Cinnamon Oil)

USAGE AREA: Suitable for use on hair and skin.

USAGE INSTRUCTION: After dripping a few drops of essential oil into fixed oil, it can be applied to the whole body by massage. It helps the skin to soften and gain moisture.


*Store at room temperature, the product with its cover closed and out of light place.

*For external use. It is not drinkable. Since it is an essential oil, it may show allergic effects such as redness and burning on the skin. Therefore, it should be mixed and used with fixed oils. Before use, do an allergy test by dropping a drop into your wrist and waiting for half an hour.
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