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Chicory, whose Latin name is 'Cichorium intybus', is from the daisy family. It is thought to be native to Egypt and Indonesia. It is grown in Marmara, Aegean, and Mediterranean regions in our country. It is known for its resemblance to the lettuce plant. It is an annual herbaceous plant with blue, lilac, purple, or yellow flowers.

In many regions, leaves, petioles, and flower stalks are consumed by making salads. In addition, it is cooked just like spinach and takes its place on the tables with its olive oil dish. It is a beverage that is famous for being used as a substitute for coffee during wartime in Europe. Endive is a famous beverage that is still consumed as much as coffee in Belgium. Avicenna prepared a special booklet advocating that the leaves of this plant should be used without washing and extracts made with cold water.[1]

From the chicory plant; chicory tea, chicory oil, chicory tincture, chicory soap, chicory shampoo, chicory extract, and extract are produced.

[1] These booklet manuscripts, known as 'Hindiba Risalesi', are in Istanbul Libraries.

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