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Cherry Stalk

Cherry Stalk

Cherry, whose Latin name is 'Cerasus avium', is from the rose family. Its homeland is the Caspian Sea and North East Anatolia. Its homeland in our country is known as Giresun. It is a perennial herb that sheds its leaves in winter and blooms in pink and white before its leaves in spring.

Depending on the region and the type of tree, the cherry fruit ripens between the end of April and the beginning of July. Cherry is a round shaped, fleshy, juicy, slightly fibrous, delicious and pleasantly flavored fruit. Cherry is eaten fresh and is used in cakes, ice creams and other types of desserts.

This fruit, which has been consumed by mankind since ancient times, symbolizes birth and renewal in Greek mythology. It is said that his immortality in China was taken from Giresun by the Roman king Caesar and spread all over the world. At that time, the name of Giresun was Kerasus (cherry). In a Chinese myth, the goddess Xi Wang Mu is believed to store immortality in cherry orchards every thousand years. Cherry trees are known to ward off evil spirits and black magic. Still in New Year's, in China, cherry tree branches are hung on the doors and cherry tree statues are placed in the gardens.

From the cherry stem plant; cherry stem tea, cherry stem capsule is produced.

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