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Bay Leaf Oil 20ml

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Laurel (Laurus Noblis)

This species is a small tree with yellow flowers, 3-10 m high, evergreen in winter. The fruit is in the form of a small olive grain and is glossy black in maturity. In our country, it is especially found in the coastal parts of the Aegean, Mediterranean, and Black Sea regions. Its leaves are yellowish-green, with a special smell and spicy flavor. Currently, laurel oil production is carried out in Antalya, Silifke, and Sinop villages in our country.

Origin: Turkey

METHOD OF OBTAINING: It is obtained from bay leaves by the distillation method.

INGREDIENT: Laurus Nobilis Leaf Oil

USAGE: It is suitable for use on hair and skin. Add 5-10 drops into 50 ml of fixed oil and mix.

USAGE FOR HAIR: After a few drops of essential oil are dripped into the fixed oil, it is applied to the hair. It helps hair gain shine and vitality.

USAGE FOR THE BODY: After a few drops of essential oil are dripped into the fixed oil, it can be applied to the whole body by massaging. It helps soften the skin and gain moisture.

WARNINGS: *Store at room temperature, with the lid closed, out of light.
*For external use. Non-drinkable. Since it is an essential oil, it may show allergic effects such as redness and burning on the skin. Therefore, it should be mixed and used with fixed oils. Before use, do an allergy test by dripping a drop into your wrist and waiting for half an hour.

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