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bay leaf

bay leaf

It is from the laurel family, whose Latin name is "Laurus Nobilis". It is a perennial herb that never leaves its leaves in all seasons. Its homeland is Mediterranean countries. The bay leaf, which can be grown in abundant natural conditions in all European, Mediterranean and Aegean regions, is one of the rare riches of our country. 80% of the world's bay leaf need is met from Turkey.

The smell and taste of the bay leaf is as impressive as its appearance. The spear-like leaves of this tree are a particularly preferred flavor enhancer in kitchens. Even in Europe, dry bay leaves are cooked with the ingredients while making tomato paste. It adds a different flavor to the dishes with its different aroma and smell. It enriches almost any meat dish with its aroma. In addition, it freely exhibits its taste in all kinds of soups, omelettes, and tomato dishes. The smell and taste of bay leaf is so deep that it cannot be described.

Bay leaf is a unique plant that has been valued for various reasons since ancient times. It has been among the most loved plants with its springy scent and always fresh sparkling leaves. It has even been the subject of mythological stories. The laurel tree is the symbol of Apollo, who is considered the god of art, sun, fire and poetry in Greek mythology. According to the legend, Apollo falls in love with Daphni, the daughter of the river god, but cannot reciprocate her love. Daphne starts to run away from Apollo. Just as he is about to be captured, Peneus transforms Daphne into a tree. Apollo embraces the tree and turns it into a symbol of victory and virtue. For this reason, wreaths made of laurel leaves were given to the victorious and poets in Ancient Greece and Rome. In addition, it has become a symbol of immortality due to the fact that its leaves remain green every season.

From the bay leaf plant; Bay leaf tea, bay leaf oil and bay leaf soap are produced.

Some species of this plant are poisonous. For this reason, care should be taken to consume the plants collected by a specialist in the right season.
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