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Basil 200g

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Ingredient: Basil.

Basil, whose Latin name is 'Ocimum basilicium', is an annual herbaceous plant from the honeydew family. There are 50 different types. The homeland of this plant, which generally prefers temperate regions, is India. Today, it is widely grown in all the countries on the Mediterranean coast and in the Southern Anatolian region of our country.
The popularity of basil, which can be used both fresh and dried, comes from its unique scent. It is used as a flavor enhancer in dishes that are cooked or eaten raw. It is usually added to food at the last moment, as it loses its flavor quickly when cooked. It makes a sharp spice effect in salads and freely displays its taste. It can be used to obtain different tastes in almost all kinds of meat dishes. Some people's favorite scent is their favorite spice. Basil, which takes its place among the must-haves in the kitchen, is a refreshing taste that your breath will thank you for.

The use of basil is almost as old as human history. Basil, which various cultures and peoples for centuries have cultivated, has entered the notes of Hippocrates. For the Romans, basil, which is the symbol of love, was also valuable in terms of spirituality, as it represented fertility, loyalty, and love. They believed that if lovers gave each other a sprig of basil, they would win the hearts of their loved ones forever. Basil, which is abundantly planted in the gardens of temples to protect from bad luck and to repel evil, has become widespread by growing in almost all gardens over the years.

From the basil plant; Basil tea, basil oil, basil vinegar, basil soap, and shampoo are produced

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