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Alkanna tinctora'

Alkanna tinctora'

Aviator plant, whose Latin name is 'Alkanna tinctora', is from the borage family. Its homeland is the Mediterranean. It is common in the South and East Anatolia regions of our country. It likes sandy soil. It is also known as hair dye, Eğlik root, Kızılencik, and Yerineriği. It is a perennial herb with bright blue flowers.

The hairy body can be upright or inclined. The leaves are hairy like the stem and are numerous. The flowers that bloom at the ends of the branches in May and July brighten the countryside with their eye-catching, bright blue colors. The nut-like fruits are gray in color and their surfaces are bubbly.

Although we have heard its name frequently in recent years, the Havaciva plant is a plant that has been used by people for various purposes since ancient times. The dye in the content of the root, which is blue inside and almost black outside, is alkaline. This substance, which is blue in basic medium, turns red by adding acid to the medium. It is insoluble in alkaline water, soluble in alcohol, ether, and oil. Aviator root has been used since ancient times to color vegetable oils, wine, and other spirits. It is used as a food coloring in Australia even today. It is also a preferred dyestuff in textiles. It is powdered and mixed with oil to give the wood a dark red color. It is widely preferred in cosmetics, especially lip glosses and lipsticks.

From the aerobic plant; air civa tea, air citrus oil, air citrus tincture, air civet extract, air civa cream, and ointment are produced.

Air cigar, which is dried under suitable conditions, has a lifespan of 1 year when stored in a closed container in a dim, cool, and dry environment.

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