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yerba mate

yerba mate

Mate Leaf, whose Latin name is 'Ilex paraguariensis', is from the holly family. Its other name is 'Paraguay Stream'. Mate means pot. It is native to Paraguay and Uruguay. It is grown locally and commercially in sub-tropical South American countries such as northern Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, southern Brazil, and Bolivia. It is a perennial dwarf plant known for its evergreen foliage.

The flowers are in very small bunches at the bases of the petioles. The petals of the flowers are quite tiny, white in color. Its greenish core in the middle matures over time and turns into a fruit. The fruits first turn greenish and then blackish as they mature. Its taste, reminiscent of intense cinnamon aroma, is quite delicious.

It has been described by Europeans as the 'Native Green Gold'. It has an important place in the daily life of Argentina. In North America, it is a beverage generally used by those who want to get rid of their coffee habit.

From the mate leaf plant; mate leaf tea, mate leaf paste, mate leaf tincture, and extract are produced.

A specialist should be consulted for therapeutic use.

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