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Yarrow is a member of the daisy family called “Achillea Millefolium” which means one thousand and one leaves in Latin. Yarrow, which has 80 different species, is a perennial herb that blooms from June to November with whitish, pink and reddish flowers.

The homeland of Yarrow is the Northern Hemisphere. Yarrow, which grows in sunny and warm environments, can be easily found in meadows, mountain slopes, and roadsides. Its homeland in our country is known as the North and East Anatolian Regions.

Yarrow is more than a family of plants with its very fragrant scent. With its different flavor and compound, its use as a flavoring in food dates back to the Trojan War.

From the yarrow plant; Yarrow tea, yarrow oil, yarrow ointment, and various essences are produced.

Yarrow, also known as oil lamp flower, thousand and one leaves, Old man pepper, Soldier's wound, Knight thousand leaves, is collected in May and September. It is important that the collection is done during the hours when the sun is most effective. Because the most active and intense time of the active substances in the plant is the most effective hours of the sun.

Yarrow tea is made by boiling dried leaves. Yarrow tea can be consumed at any time of the day.
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