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What is Juniper Oil?

What is Juniper Oil?

Juniper oil has a very fresh, lively, diffusive, balsamic aroma with a defined, warm woody back note; its fine aroma is indicative of great care taken in the distillation process – it is completely devoid of harsh notes common to this oil. Juniper is one of the most widely used oils in aromatherapy; in the case of Juniper Leaf/Branch essential oil, the aroma is a perfect ingredient to include in an invigorating massage oil for its qualities of clean freshness and warmth.1 The oil used in a sauna or sweat lodge is another perfect application for this elevating and clarifying aroma.

Juniper is an evergreen, shrub-like conifer tree that hails from the Cypress family. The aromatic properties of all parts of Juniper trees have been used traditionally for cleansing and incense by many cultures, from the ancient Romans and Medieval Europeans using in temples or strewn on floors,2 to the Chinese and Native Americans burning in ceremony.

The uplifting and centering aroma of Juniper is excellent when diffused before meditation, added to a cleansing bath or an air-refreshing room spray, in joint or chest rubs, and in massage blends. Its astringent properties make it ideal in skincare preparations for oily, dull or congested skin, after-shaves, deodorants, leg lotions and foot baths. Natural perfumers make use of the refreshing and somewhat masculine aroma of to add warm, woody depth and balsamic freshness to their creations.

Aromatic Profile: Very fresh, lively, diffusive, balsamic aroma with a defined, warm woody back note.

Appearance: Colorless, transparent, mobile liquid.


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