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sweet marjoram

sweet marjoram

Marjoram, whose Latin name is 'Origanum majorona', is from the family of honeybabagiller. It is a plant of the Mediterranean basin. Various species grow wild in Thrace, Aegean, Marmara, and Mediterranean regions in our country. It is a shrub-like, fragrant perennial herb that is frequently found in arid and rocky areas.

In some regions, it is also known as oregano, Oregano or Mercan Köşkü. Its dark green leaves smell like thyme. It cheers up nature with white or pink flowers between June and October. It was translated into Turkish as 'Mercan Köşk' because of the word meaning 'the pleasure of the mountain' and 'the joy of the mountain' in Persian. Since the Romans, it has become famous especially in Central Europe with its taste close to thyme. It freely exhibits its unique aroma in almost all kinds of meat dishes, vegetables, and salads. Aphrodite accepted the wonderful scent of Marjoram as a symbol of 'happiness'. He believed that if a 'Marjoram' appears on a grave, the soul of the deceased would be happy forever.

From the marjoram plant; Essences and perfumes such as marjoram tea, marjoram oil, marjoram tincture, marjoram ointment, and marjoram cologne are produced.

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